Who We Are

We are a strategically integrated group of companies within Equalindo Group. Our companies are aligned along the strategic value chains within the palm oil plantation, coal mining and power plant construction using renewable energy. This enables us to provide full services to our clients in a timely and efficient manner as assistance and technical competencies are promptly drawn internally.


1. To participate in, and contribute to the development of the nation’s economy.
2. To deliver tangible benefits for its various stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers).
3. To conduct operations and businesses that are in keeping with the responsible environment and deliver optimal results for the stakeholders.


1. To deliver services that surpasses clients’ expectations in a timely, environmentally responsible, and efficient manner with emphasis on work safety.
2. To cultivate the value of workmanship, team building, professionalism, integrity, and loyalty in employees.
3. To create businesses that champion environmental values.

Corporate Values



Environmentally Responsible